Weyerhaeuser Showcases Mines home at Retreat


The senior marketing team from Weyerhaeuser Lyptus® hardwood hosted a quaint dinner get together at Joey and Betty Mines’ home to showcase their Lyptus products in the Mines’ home. Among the attendees were property owner/builders Neal Davis and Sykes Smith, LaGrange Architect Skip Smith of Smith Design Group and Hardman Knox, Manager for West Point Lake Development, LLC owner of Retreat.

Joey told guests that they turned to Johnna Barrett, principal architect at SUSTAINhouse for design. They needed a durable hardwood for guest traffic, a rich, warm and tactile hardwood to connect individuals to the outdoors, and a hardwood grown in such a way as to preserve future generations of forests.  Mines and Barrett found their solution with Weyerhaeuser Lyptus® hardwood – a beautiful eucalyptus grown on certified plantations in Brazil that is ready for harvest decades sooner than common hardwoods.

visit www.lyptus.com and www.joeymines.com.


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