Live life at a slower pace

…on nature’s clock

Think back for a moment…back to the memories of youth and the simple pleasure of chasing fireflies and skipping rocks. A place where simple pleasures are celebrated, laughter is contagious and homemade ice cream fills the freezers. When summer meant days spent relaxing on the porch, lying out on the dock, napping in your favorite hammock while enjoying the gentle breeze singing in the trees and sunset cruises with those closest to you.

If water is your love, you will be able to swim, fish, ski, wakeboard, boat, sail or paddle to your hearts content. With 550 miles of forested shoreline and endless coves to discover, life on the water can take on a whole new meaning. When you’re ready to trade in the life vest for a pair of hiking shoes, Retreat becomes your outdoor fitness facility designed by Mother Nature herself. Enjoy miles of trails that meander thru a dense forest while being serenaded by many of the area’s native birds. Come discover a place to relax, a place to explore, a place to create lasting lake memories with family and friends.

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